Interests: Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing 

I am a post-doctoral research associate at  Imperial College London working with Prof. Tae-Kyun Kim. I obtained a PhD in December 2016 from Normandie Universite, Caen, France. My PhD was done under the supervision of Prof. Frederic Jurie. During my PhD, I have had several great opportunities to closely work with outstanding researchers from around the world: Dr Gaurav SharmaDr Patrick Perez, Dr Alexis Lechervy, Dr Alexis Mignon, and Dr Teddy Furon.  Prior to this, I was a master student in the department of computer science and the department of computational linguistics at Saarland University, Germany. My Master's thesis was done under the supervision of Prof. Ivan Titov.  

Dr  Binod Bhattarai

Imperial College London

South Kensington Campus,
London, SW7 2AZ, UK

Past Affiliations